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What is a Conversation Café?

People talking, having fun

Conversation Café is a welcoming place

to practice English conversations each week. This will help you talk with more confidence to English speakers. The volunteers are not English teachers, but they are happy to talk to you and
answer questions. It is OK to make mistakes!

We have in-person and online Cafés.

Who are Conversation Cafés for?

Ladies talking
Asian people talking

We welcome anyone who is learning English

and who wants to practice speaking it. The Cafés are at an intermediate to advanced level of English.

Welcome to Conversation Cafe

How Can I Find a Café?

Find a cafe near you

There are Conversation Cafés 

in different cities in Canada.
Click on the city that you live in.

We will add more Cafés. If you don’t see a Café in your city, please tell us. You are welcome to join one of our online Cafés 

We hope to see you soon at a Conversation Café!

See you soon
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Copyright © 2024 Conversation Café
Copyright © 2024 Conversation Café
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